Production Stills

Filming for the series began in April of 2015 and continued until January of 2016. In the course of following the sick around me I ran across so many fascinating aspects of belief in what makes one sick or well again that it boggles my non-African mind. Yet in the end, I began to understand and I hope that you will too after watching the series.

Let’s meet a few of those who appear in the stories…
Abiti Bakali, an herbalist, and her sick husband Bernad
Abiti-Bakadi-1 Abiti-Bakadi-2 Abiti-Bakadi-3

Cultural Tour Guide Candulu & Family

Candulus-sick-uncle-1 Candulus-sick-uncle-2 Candulus-sick-uncle-3 Candulus-b-roll-4 Candulus-b-roll-5

“Mobile Brigade” Village Vaccination Program, Che Issa, Mandimba
07-vacinnations-1 07-vacinnations-2 07-vacinnations-3 07-vacinnations-4

B-roll footage
06-mosque3 06-mosque4 06-mosque7 06-mosque9 Sunday-market-1 Sunday-market-2 Sunday-market-3 Sunday-market-4 Eid-1 Eid-2 Eid-3 Eid-4 Grave-sweeping-1 Grave-sweeping-2

Traditional healer Adamu selling traditional medicine
Adamu-vendor-3 Adamu-vendor-2 Adamu-vendor-1 Adamu-vendor-4 Adamu-vendor-5 Adamu-vendor-6

Traditional Healer Che Mandutu Treating Patients
Che-Mandutu-day-1-1 Che-Mandutu-day-1-2 Che-Mandutu-day-1-3 Che-Mandutu-day-1-4 Che-Mandutu-day-1-5 Che-Mandutu-day-1-6 Che-Mandutu-day-1-7 Che-Mandutu-day-1-8 Che-Mandutu-day-1-10 Che-Mandutu-day-1-11 Che-Mandutu-day-1-12 Che-Mandutu-interview-inside-1 Che-Mandutu-interview-inside-2 Che-Mandutu-interview-inside-3

TIENS Chinese Clinic in Mandimba

Chinese-clinic-1 Chinese-clinic-2 Chinese-clinic-3