Episode 1 Viewer Comments

“This is terrific and should be viewed by every medical, pharmacy and laboratory science student training at the College of Medicine in Blantyre… It illustrates so many of the problems health care professionals have to overcome. I could use it here in UK too.”
–Mike Berry, former HOD Pharmacy DeptCOM Blantyre, 7/28/16


“…This story mirrors so many that we encountered in Mozambique and Tim’s film shows so many of the different challenges of health care in Moz from a lack of education, to equipment with instructions in Italian, to the tensions between traditional healers, witchcraft and medicine. If you want to understand more about what we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of years or simply wish to feel more grateful for the NHS (or other health services for non British friends) please have a watch.”
–Joanne Beale, British volunteer in Mozambique, 7/29/16


“No words. Beautifully done.”
–Spring Becker, 8/5/2016


“…What an amazing job. I know I’ve never been to Africa, but something about your camera work and lack of narration (using only subtitles) gave me the feeling of being transported away to a place I’d never visited. Something else funny–when Bernad gets his diagnosis and says essentially ‘I’m just a poor farmer! I knew nobody would try to curse me!’ I had a brief vision of my own grandfather, who would say something very similar. I found it fascinating because in that instant skin color, cultural differences, language barriers just faded away and I was left looking at a man who could have been my grandfather facing the human condition…”
–C.R. Oldham, 7/27/2016


“This is beautiful and poignant and sad….but completely well done!”
–Gwenda Cowley, 7/26/2016


“Great ethnographic film about health challenges in rural Mozambique.”
–Dr. Alan Thorold, anthropologist, 8/8/2016


“Brilliant work…brought a tear or three to the eyes! Check out this documentary people!”
–Tobias Houston, 7/26/2016


“…you’ve done a brilliant job at capturing the complexities and despair around healthcare out here. Make sure you watch this y’all…”
–Cam Beeck, 7/26/2016


“This is a powerful story and a very sad one. Bernad faced so many obstacles as he sought meaningful health care. Some of the obstacles were cultural, yet many of these obstacles were beyond Bernad’s ability to navigate. My hope is that many people will watch this film and absorb the story behind the story of what reality is like for so many individuals – living and dying – in Africa every day.”

–Connie Wragge, 8/2016