Episode 1 Themes and Discussion Topics

On this page I will attempt to point out a few of the themes that crop up. Of course I will miss many things so do hope you contact me so that I can add your thoughts as well to this page.

As I think about this episode, here are a few questions that come to mind that would be helpful in group discussion or further study on your own:

  • access to health care
    • Where did Bernad go for help?
    • Why did Bernad choose to go to that place?
    • What types of health care providers had he already tried out before the story picks up?
  • lost in translation
    • What language does Bernad speak?
    • What are the main languages that exist in Malawi and Mozambique?
    • What is the main language spoken around Mandimba where Bernad lives?
    • What is the language most commonly used by workers at the hospital in Malawi?
    • What language(s) did you observe the┬ádoctor using?
    • What would you expect his main language to be, based on his tribal affiliation?
  • livelihood
    • In what settings did you observe Bernad and his family?
    • What is Bernad’s main occupation?
  • cultural tour guides
    • What were some of the things that stood out to you based on the cultural tour guide Candulu’s explanation of how the Yawo approach medicine?
    • Based on what he said, what other kinds of health care providers do the Yawo often take advantage of?
    • What were your impressions of the local government health clinic that show up as Candulu talks about it?