About the Filmmaker

Tim filmingTim Cowley first came to Africa to set up home with his young family in 2003. Twelve years later he realized he still didn’t understand many of the most basic elements of how and why his Muslim Yawo friends in the villages straddling the Malawi and Mozambique border make the choices they do when it comes to health care. And so he embarked on a ten-month journey following friends and strangers in and nearby his home village of Chanica attempting his best to peek inside their worldview. He followed them to hospitals private and government, traditional and Chinese and interviewed the sick as well as the many types of health care providers both formal and informal (spiritist, herbalists, “witch doctors”, government staff, untrained purveyors of village injections, Islamic healers and others).

“Sick in Africa”, the documentary series, is a result of that journey.

Tim now lives with his family of 6 in Portland, Oregon where he works to place media professionals overseas and continues to produce and consult in media. He can be reached by phone/Whatsapp at +1.503.329.3052 in English, Portuguese or Ciyawo or at tim[AT]sickinafrica[dot]com.

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